want to learn?

Like to fix things yourself?

We can set up a time and show you some basics.

Changing a tire or tube, adjusting your brakes or shifters... all things you should be able to do.

Feeling daring? It's an art, but we can show you how to true a wheel. Don't know what that means? Better leave that one to us then.

Special Orders?

How long?

You want something that we don't have?

Not a problem, we will do our best to get whatever you want as quickly as possible.

A lot of the time we can have parts here the next day. Bikes, most take a day or two. Some items may take a bit longer.

Does it cost extra?

No way.

Finding us

We are very easy to find, but you can go right past us easily too.

We are just off Route 28 Exit 15.

Coming from Pittsburgh, get off the exit and turn left.

Coming from the North? Turn Right.

Not sure which way you are coming from? Don't turn and go up the big hill, go the other way. It will look like you are headed into the country. (some GPS's will tell you to go the wrong way)

We are just a 1/4 mile from the exit. Look for a white fence along the road. That's us! The shop sits back off the road a little.

Usefull Info

things we like

We love riding one of the many area Rail-To-Trails. We try and keep maps and information on many of them on hand.

We support the local BMX Track, Westmoreland BMX, at Northmoreland Park. Its a great sport for kids of all ages. You don't have to be on a team. Everyone participates.


Want something special ordered in?

We can do that.

Not sure what you want?

We can help. You can browse through one of our suppliers catalogs and see what you like. Just go to www.easternskatesupply.com , click on "product catalog".  You can see over 3000 decks and even more wheels, trucks, grip tape, bearings and accessories. If you are looking for a standard deck, they are under "POPSICLE".  Just let us know what you want. If you still can't find something, we buy from several other places too.

extra things we do

How about a trailer hitch?

Sounds odd for a bike shop, but we sell and in most cases, can install for you, a Curt trailer hitch.


One of the best ways to haul you bike without damaging your car is with a hitch rack. What good is a rack without a hitch? We'll take care of it. Makes sense now doesn't it?

We do sell trunk and racks that go on your roof too.

Racks handle anything form one bike up to five depending on type and what your driving.

Yakama, Thule, Hollywood, Sarris, Sun... we sell them all!

We are also selling Military, Outdoor & Public Safety Gear from Rothco. www.rothco.com